Complete Repair Solutions for Your Car

Count on Dennis Auto Repair in Pensacola, Florida to fulfill all your car repair needs. We can handle everything from fixing broken air conditioning to aligning bouncing tires.

Routine Service

Our professional team is always ready to regularly maintain your car. Our services are vital in maintaining your fuel efficiency, increasing the overall lifespan of your vehicle.

We Do It All

We will perform every job needed to ensure your car can be used for a long time. These include oil change, battery test, alignment work, coolant and hydraulic fluid change, tire service, engine oil replacement, and suspension work.

Oil Change and Filters

Keep your engines in peak condition with the help of our auto mechanics. You can choose between our synthetic and conventional motor oils.

New Tires

Replace the old tires that your car has. We will order new tires and put them on for you.


Did you hit a curb while driving and forgot about it? Let us align your tires so your car can be ready for your next road trip.

Coolant and Hydraulic Fluids

We can check a lot of fluids during your oil change, but we can also take a look at your vehicle system more comprehensively if you need it. Trust us to provide you with full power steering and transmission fluid flush services.

Tire Rotation

We can periodically reposition your tires to promote more even tread wear. 


As a full-service automotive shop, we do everything from tire rotations to motor and transmission replacement. Our services include the following:

Brake Pads

Ensure road safety by replacing your torn-down brake pads. Our replacement services include an optional warranty.

Battery Replacement

With new car batteries, you can prevent your vehicle from breaking down in the middle of the road. Replacement comes with a 12-month guarantee.

Tire Replacement

We have a selection of brand-name that meet every need. The indicated cost is for our service, while tire prices vary per market brand.

Keep Your Vehicle in Tune With Our Help

Our technicians will ensure to improve your car’s functionality and condition. Connect with us today and we will gladly provide you with a no-obligation estimate.